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FYS: Library Research

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Welcome to the Miller Library

Welcome to the Miller Library

The Miller Library is located on campus next to William Smith Hall. It's more than simply a place to check out books—it's a place where you can conduct research, study on your own or with peers, and engage with emerging and innovative technologies. 



Here's what you'll find at the Miller Library: 

First Floor (Talking Floor) 

  • Front desk
  • Librarian offices, where you can get help with your research! 
  • Interlibrary Loan Office
  • Large study area 
  • Printing Room
  • Public access computers (PC and MAC)
  • Media- Scape
  • Newlin Instruction Room, with public access MAC computers and printers
  • Newspaper/journals collection
  • Book Displays
  • Popular DVDs
  • Microform and reader/printer/scanner 
  • Office of Quantitative Skills
  • Sophie's Café
  • Restrooms, including one gender neutral 
  • Elevator Access
  • Water Station

Second Floor (Quiet Floor) 

  • Books with classification range “A-M” 
  • Private study rooms for collaborative study; DVD viewer
  • Special Collections: Maryland Collection (Main Floor), Maryland Reference Collection (Ben & Judy Kohl [Study] Room)
  • Private study carrels 
  • Study area
  • Sophie Kerr Room
  • Office of Academic Skills 
  • Writing Center Tutors Satellite (Ben & Judy Kohl [Study] Room)
  • Restrooms, including one gender neutral
  • Elevator Access

Ground Floor (Talking Floor) 

  • Books with classification range “N-Z”
  • Older issues of journals and government documents
  • Archives and Special Collections
  • IDEAWORKS/Digital Media Services, (including One Button Studio)
  • Educational Technology Department
  • Beck Lab
  • Copier and scanners
  • Study area
  • Book Sale
  • Restrooms
  • Elevator Access

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