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GRW 101 | The Business of Organized Crime | Fall 2015: Home

The Business of Organized Crime

Welcome to the Library Course Guide for GRW 101-18: The Business of Organized Crime

Professor Michael Harvey

TTH 01:30 p.m. - 02:20 p.m.

* Image taken from The Godfather. Learn more from the IMDB database here.

Books in the Main Collection

Each book in the library has a Library of Congress call number and these help group books together in common subject areas. These numbers have several sections, so finding a book involves reading each part in the correct order. 

H Social Sciences

        HA Statistics

        HB-HJ Econ, Bus, & Fin

        HM-HX Sociology

J Political Science

        JK United States

        JX International Law 

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What's This?

The library's discovery tool gives you the chance to search books and online resources at the same time. You can immediately limit your search results by selecting "Full Text" or "Peer Reviewed." Or, by selecting "Catalog Only," you are limiting your search to only those materials owned by the library.