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EDU 354 / ENG 342 Spring 2017

EDU 354 / ENG 342 Assignment

Books in the Library Collection

Explore the Miller Library shelves for education-related books in our collection. Here are some call numbers that may pertain to your course that you could browse:

CT: Biography (Includes General Collective Biography, National Biography, and Biography of Women; for biography associated with a particular subject, see the actual subject heading)

PN: Literature - General
PN1010-1525 Poetry
PN1600-3307 Drama
PN3311-3503 Prose
PN4001-4355 Oratory
PN4390-4500 Diaries, Letters, Essays

PZ Juvenile Fiction

We have graphic novels- check them out!




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What's This?

The library's discovery tool gives you the chance to search books and online resources at the same time. You can immediately limit your search results by selecting "Full Text" or "Peer Reviewed." Or, by selecting "Catalog Only," you are limiting your search to only those materials owned by the library.