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Books in the Library Collection

If you'd like to browse Psychology books, use the chart below to determine the relevant call number range. Or, simply search the Miller Library ONESearch to find books by subject, title and author.

Call #            Subject

BF1-940        Psychology

        (For ethnic psychology, see GN; For social psychology, see HM)

BF173-175   Psychoanalysis

BF180-210   Experimental psychology


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The library's discovery tool gives you the chance to search books and online resources at the same time. You can immediately limit your search results by selecting "Full Text" or "Peer Reviewed." Or, by selecting "Catalog Only," you are limiting your search to only those materials owned by the library.

What's an empirical article?

Empirical research articles are research based articles reporting observed and measured phenomena. It's research that derives knowledge from actual experience rather than from theory or belief. Articles reporting on empirical research can be quite long, and almost always contain the following sections:

  • An introduction and literature review of related research (and a list of references at the end of the article)
  • A statement of the research question(s) and method used to gather the data
  • Analysis of the results of the data gathered (this may be quantitative or qualitative)
  • A discussion or conclusion
  • A substantial list of the references consulted throughout the article

Selected Online Databases