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SOC 413: Work and Gender | Course Guide: Research Resources

Course Guide for Prof. Erin Anderson

Potential Research Topics

Research paper and presentation: Throughout the semester you will be asked to submit a topic to examine, submit an annotated bibliography, prepare a 15-minute presentation, and write a 10-15 page literature review paper. 

Potential research topics:

Gender and ... 

  • A specific occupation
  • Food service
  • Care work
  • Fortune 500 companies
  • Professions 
  • Small business ownership
  • The military
  • Politics
  • Political candidates
  • Political positions
  • Policies
  • Work/family management
  • Race, gender, and work
  • Professional athletics
  • Volunteer work
  • Transgender issues in the workplace
  • Sexuality/Sexual orientation and the workplace
  • Sex work
  • Human Trafficking/Modern Slavery

CREDO Reference Sources




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What's This?

The library's discovery tool gives you the chance to search books and online resources at the same time. You can immediately limit your search results by selecting "Full Text" or "Peer Reviewed." Or, by selecting "Catalog Only," you are limiting your search to only those materials owned by the library.


Conduct a  Subject search using the Library of Congress classification system

Try entering "sociology" into the search box.  To get more ideas for your research, we encourage you to head to the sociology section and browse titles in the collection.

Your required reading: