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Subject Heading

Blues music

Blues music

“Slave narrative*”

Slave narratives

“tragic mulatto”

Interracial marriage

African American folklore


“racial passing”

Passing Identity in Literature

“race relations” and “twentieth century”

United States—Race relations


Spirituals Songs

KeyWord search, searches the title, contents, series, etc.: 

Keyword searches do not use "official" search term vocabulary.  In contrast, subject heading searches use standardized or official terminology. Notice that the subject heading for "Blues music" also happens to be "Blues music;" this is not usually the case.  If you examine the other keywords and subject headings in the table, you'll see that none of the other keywords and subject headings match.  

Most importantly, a keyword search using "Blues music" does not yield the same results as a subject search using "Blues music." 

Subject search, uses Library of Congress subject headings, e.g.:

Author search

  • To find material by the author, just search for them by their last name, first name.  Change the field to author.
  • If you are looking for material about the author rather than material by the author, change the field to subject.

For example: if you change the field to subject and look for Wheatley, Phillis, you will pull up results like

Wheatley Phillis 1753 1784 Criticism And Interpretation